Welcome to the Grayson Family....Book 1

What if you couldn't pay your debt back with money?

Amazon and iBooks bestselling author Charlotte Byrd introduces Jax Grayson, the man you know you want to meet.

Beautiful and enticing, OBLIGATION will take you on a ride!
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I’m Jax Grayson and I like to play games. 

I paid for her mom’s cancer treatment, saving her life. Now, Sophia owes me.  But I don’t want her to pay me back with money. I have plenty of that. I only want one thing: everything. For one year. 

But what starts out as a game of obligation, turns into something else. The thing that I’m least expecting. Love. I need her. I crave her. It’s no longer a game, but my reality. It’s so dangerous that it’s capable of leaving me completely broken. Will all of this end up being a terrible mistake?

OBLIGATION is a full-length novel from Amazon and iBooks Bestselling author Charlotte Byrd. It’s the 1st book in the new Grayson series of standalone novels.

If you love alpha billionaires and women who bring them to their knees, don’t miss this enticing romance.

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