Summer Vacation 2019

Summer vacations are awesome, but let's face it they can also be stressful and a lot of work. This year, my husband and I took our 1.5 year old son, Tristan, and traveled from Florida to Colorado to celebrate my in-laws' 50th wedding anniversary. 

They rented a big house in Vail and invited the whole family. My husband is the youngest of four so there were a lot of us (everyone has a spouse and two kids - Tristan is the youngest). 

While it's stressful enough to fly with a toddler, we first had to make a two-hour drive to Tampa and then the four-hour flight to Denver followed by a two-hour drive to Vail. 

We decided to break it up by driving to Tampa the afternoon before and renting an Airbnb. We thought we would rest up, put Tristan to bed early and wake up with plenty of time to catch our 11 am flight. Well, fate (our our stupidity) had other plans. 

When we got to the condo, we realized that we forgot Tristan's passport! He doesn't have any other identification with a picture so Kevin had to make the drive all the way back home and then all the way back to Tampa again. It was a loooooong day for him. 


Once we got to CO, we had a great time! It was wonderful to see all of the family members we don't get to see much. My in-laws and my brother-in-law and his family live near Denver. My other sister-in-law and her family live in San Jose, CA and the oldest sister-in-law and her family live in Seattle, WA (except for her daughter, my niece, who is all grown up and works in Disneyland). 

On the night of the anniversary dinner, we had a private chef who made lots of delicious food. That day, we also had a photographer who took pictures of everyone. 

Tristan was definitely the star of the show. We never knew how much he loved taking pictures because once she started photographing everyone, he photobomb every individual's family portrait. At one point, he refused to leave, and we had to physically drag him away from one of the group photos. 


Another highlight of the night was the surprise Elvis performance that we organized for the happy couple. They are both big fans and the impersonator has been playing Elvis for 28 years, longer than Elvis has been Elvis. He set up downstairs as we were having dinner upstairs and just starting playing. You should've seen the expression on their faces...priceless!


Let's just say that the difficulty of traveling with a toddler, getting him use to a new place and the time difference was all worth it. It was definitely a trip for the record books. 

Now, how about you? How was your summer trip? Or where are you planning on going? Write me back via email (

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