Welcome to the Grayson Family....Book 4

What if he were the Sexiest Man Alive and everyone wanted him except you?

Amazon and iBooks bestselling author Charlotte Byrd introduces Carter Grayson, the man you know you want to meet.

From the start, the intense story will bring you to the edge of your seat!

I am Carter Grayson and I don't keep promises.  

I’m rich, powerful and I’ve been voted the Sexiest Man Alive. Everyone thinks I’m a God, except for Ava. To say that she’s not impressed would be an understatement of the century. Ava hates me. Can’t stand the sight of me. And that’s a problem because her hatred makes me want her even more. I crave her touch. I desire her taste. 

Ava isn’t like other girls. She’s not into games of seduction. So, to get her I need to put everything on the line. And that means that I might get hurt. Will she take me as I am or will this be the woman I pine for the rest of my life?

PROMISE is a full-length novel from Amazon and iBooks Bestselling author Charlotte Byrd. It’s the fourth book in the new Grayson series of standalone novels.

If you love alpha billionaires and women who bring them to their knees, don’t miss this sinfully sexy romance. Perfect for fans of EL James, Sky Warren, and Penelope Sky.  



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