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Welcome to the Grayson Family...

The Grayson Series follows four brothers - alpha brooding men who each need just the right woman to bring them to their knees. 

What’s different about this series? 

Each book can be read together or alone, but if you read all four, it will give you a greater understanding of who the Graysons really are. If you love the Auctioned to Him series then this will be perfect for you! Get ready for lots of sexy tension, hot scenes, and page-turning action. If you read some of the stories before, get ready for BIG changes. All four have been completely rewritten. There are also a number of additional scenes added to each one as well as different names, etc. You will not be disappointed. 

What else is new??

Each book will be available as an eBook (on ALL platforms) and a Print Book. Personally SIGNED copies will be available as well!


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Book 1


Book 2


Book 3

Book 4