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The hotly anticipated third book continues the sensual saga of Ellie and Aiden.

Mr. Black is Aiden and Aiden is Mr. Black. They are the same person except that they’re not. Aiden is kind and sweet and Mr. Black is demanding and rule-oriented. One thing is for sure, Aiden Black is as beautiful and flawless on the outside as he is tormented and damaged on the inside. 

I’m a good girl who had never even had a one-night stand before I went to his yacht party. And there, I let myself be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Ever since that night, Mr. Black’s scorching flames have singed me with the darkest of pleasures. I crave him and I couldn’t stay away from him even if I wanted to. He is my addiction. He is my every desire. 

So, when he invites me to another one of his yacht parties…I can’t say no.